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Joe's headline: Freelance developer and technical writer from Virginia, U.S.A.

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Joe's location: United States
Joined: October 2020

What Is An Agile CMS? 5 Benefits Of Going Agile
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Joe Holmes

API-first CMS: What Is It And Why Should You Care
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Joe Holmes

Build an e-commerce site with the Stripe API
- Guide

Studio v2

In this tutorial, we'll make a no-frills "merch store" for a personal blog using the Stripe API, Next.js, and Sanity. We'll leverage Stripe's fantastic checkout platform to redirect our customers to Stripe's servers for their checkout process.

Joe Holmes
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Top 5 rich-text React components
- Guide

This post discusses top 5 rich-text components for React.js, the pros and cons and how to use each in your next project

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Joe has been writing professionally for 6+ years and coding for 3. His articles have been featured in outlets such as Slate and Splice Today, and his instructional writing on computer science has been taught at Quantic School of Business and Technology and Synthesis.

Joe joined Sanity in January of 2021 as a guest author and now writes about web development and the JamStack ecosystem.

He lives in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, and enjoys gardening and cultivating gourmet mushrooms in his spare time.