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Profile page of Alex Canessa

Alex's headline: Head of Developer Relations @ Commerce Layer

Alex's job title: Head of Developer Relations

Sanity Commerce
- Tool

Sanity Commerce by Commerce Layer allows you to spin up a product catalog directly into Sanity Studio, allowing seamless management of product catalogs with headless commerce capabilities, such as Commerce Layer.

Alex Canessa
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Commerce Layer Sanity Template
- Template

A multi-country ecommerce store built with Sanity Studio, Commerce Layer, Next.js, and deployed to Netlify.

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Alex has been working in Web Development since 2008 in the agency environment and as a freelancer. In early 2014, Alex moved to London and joined Digital Detox, where he has worked for nearly 9 years. In July 2022 Digital Detox has been acquired by EY where Alex led enterprise projects and helped growing the engineering team for one year. Currently Alex looks after Developer Relations at Commerce Layer.