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Profile page of Dávid Lévai

Dávid's headline: Part-Time Creator & Full-time COO

Dávid's email: david@davidlevai.com
Dávid's website: davidlevai.com
Joined: June 2020
Dávid's job title: Co-owner & COO
Dávid is Available for work

I'm a Part-Time Creator and full-time COO @ ScreamingBox.

I create various types of content across Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and this blog about building IT businesses and production-ready apps.

Since my teenage years, I have worked as a freelance full-stack developer mostly with startups and small businesses. In 2020 I decided to use this knowledge to scale a digital agency and build open startups.

Why I'm doing these in public?

  • I believe that learning from others by following their journey is inspiring and helpful. I too follow tens of creators on their journey.
  • By being active in social media, and building in public, I can meet with interesting people, and support each other.

Also, when I'm away from the internet, I spend my time working out, travel to interesting places, playing some Rainbow Six: Siege.