Profile page of Katie Kodes

Katie's headline: Databases by day; web to get in trouble

Katie's location: United States of America
Joined: May 2020

Long before the inaugural @KatieConf, and tragically just after was registered to a squatter, Katie ran "Katies of the World UNITE!!!", a web directory aiming to catalog the personal site of every Katie, Cathryn, and Kathleen on the planet.

Forbidden by nerdy parents from using Geocities like the cool kids, young Katie Kodes was forced to FTP HTML files to a relative's basement server.

Rip Van Winkling through two decades of web tech to study French and databases, she awoke in 2018 to a deja vu world. Geocities is Squarespace, and static file hosting burst out of the basement into a thriving Jamstack community. At long last -- she feels like a cool kid.

By day, Katie works with Oracle databases, Salesforce, Python, and other technologies to write data integrations and practical business automations. At night she explores the Jamstack, excited to bring its performance and cost benefits to friends' and family's small businesses.