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Profile page of Corey Ward

Corey's headline: Freelance full-stack dev focused on building awesome Jamstack experiences

Corey's email: corey@hey.com
Corey's website: www.coreyward.me/
Corey's location: Austin, Texas, US
Joined: May 2019
Corey's job title: Developer
Corey is Available for work

Sanity Pills
- Tool

A collection of utilities formulated to provide positive experiences in the Sanity Studio.

Corey Ward
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- Made with Sanity

Website and blog for Figma

Corey Ward
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Figma Config
- Made with Sanity

Website for Config, the global design conference by Figma.

Corey Ward
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Auto-reload Studio when changes are deployed
- Schema

Drop this into your Studio to let editors know when there's a more recent version of your Studio available, making sure they have the latest fields and validations.

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WorldQuant University
- Made with Sanity

Website for WorldQuant University. Site contains information about the organization and programs offered, ability to apply, and a regular blog for WQU-related news.

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React Portable Text
- Tool

An easy way to render Portable Text block content in React applications.

Corey Ward
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Portable Text Validator
- Schema

Generate a custom validator function for Portable Text fields using built-in routines

Corey Ward
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Takeout Tracker
- Made with Sanity

We keep track of Austin, TX restaurants open during the covid-19 health crisis. Please patronize them, tip well, and be patient and understanding about any shortages or mishaps.

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- Tool

Easily leverage the power of Sanity's image API from React-based environments like Gatsby.

Corey Ward
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- Made with Sanity

JAMStack website leveraging Gatsby, Sanity, Netlify, React, Framer Motion, and Emotion (among others)

Corey Ward
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I'm a senior-level multi-disciplinary, full-stack developer with design sensibilities working mostly in service of marketing.

Most of my clients have an established development team, but those resources are locked up working on product, leaving the marketing and growth teams to either self-serve or outsource to firms. I offer an alternative, providing the consideration and availability of an employee on an hourly, ongoing basis.