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WorldQuant University

By Fannie Gunton & Corey Ward

Website for WorldQuant University. Site contains information about the organization and programs offered, ability to apply, and a regular blog for WQU-related news.

Homepage summary of one of the Data Science program. Includes a reusable component (the card on the right) that was reused in several, different "lego" components.
FAQ details (headers, questions, and answers) all managed through Sanity
Blog content (title, article details, publication date, and thumbnail image) all managed in Sanity
Details (section header and divider color, project headers, project divider color, and project details) all managed in Sanity

About the project

The existing site was moved from Ruby to Gatsby/Sanity with a redesign from the client’s side (delivered in Figma). Sanity was selected to enable to clients to maintain and add content themselves without requiring someone technical to make code updates.

Challenges primarily involved building from a design that was not quite development-ready. I took the "block types" that had been identified by the client and reconfigured them in Figma so that looked more like a modular system for both Sanity and Gatsby. In doing so, I gave a LOT of thought to how, beyond this project, design can better feed into the development process for both the data structure and code sides. I have plans to mock up a dummy project in Figma to outline the difference between a design that's ready for development vs. not, and how to bridge the gap.

Ongoing maintenance has included setting up a color selection system to distinguish the educational programs from one another. This system is built to still work within the confines of the existing modular system within the studio.


Corey Ward

Freelance full-stack dev focused on building awesome Jamstack experiences

Corey is located at Austin, Texas, US
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