Huggins Reddien LLP

By Fannie Gunton

Website for an Austin, TX-based law firm

Example of a page detailing law topics handled by this practice. The challenge was the build modularly while still capturing the specific design details for each page.
Team grid data is maintained in Sanity, and is built so that a non-technical person from the law office can maintain their own staff presence on the website while still maintaining basics such as consistency in elements sizing and sorting team members correctly. The grid is responsive and readable on all devices and screens.
Each team member's information is maintained in the Sanity Studio. Social media icons display when in use, and don't when not. Again, the studio and code were written so that someone non-technical in the law office could easily maintain the site without accidentally leaving someone's profile looking off or broken. The rest of the team grid fills the bottom of the page to easily click through profiles without having to go back to the main grid each time.
Client list is also maintained in the Sanity Studio which allows the law office to add or remove clients as desired, or even update client logos as needed. The grid is responsive and readable on all devices and screens.

About the project

This is a website for an Austin, TX-based law firm. The project was a port from a Ruby-On-Rails app with hardcoded data to a Gatsby app with data maintained in the Sanity Studio. As this law office does not have a developer or other high-level technical role on-staff, the desire was to build their custom CMS so that anyone from their office could manage and maintain all content on the site. It is straightforward and simple to use.


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