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Profile page of Fannie Gunton

Fannie's headline: Web developer

Fannie's email: fangs@hey.com
Fannie's location: Austin, TX, USA
Joined: January 2020
Fannie's job title: Web Developer
Fannie's company: Freelance

Lost Generation
- Made with Sanity

E-commerce site for small, local leather goods brand (read: it's my side hustle site)

Fannie Gunton
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- Made with Sanity

Landing page for Skyloom, a satellite internet company.

Fannie Gunton
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WorldQuant University
- Made with Sanity

Website for WorldQuant University. Site contains information about the organization and programs offered, ability to apply, and a regular blog for WQU-related news.

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Takeout Tracker
- Made with Sanity

We keep track of Austin, TX restaurants open during the covid-19 health crisis. Please patronize them, tip well, and be patient and understanding about any shortages or mishaps.

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Hi! I'm a freelance front-end web developer and occasional web designer. I'm self-taught and passionate about continuous learning. My background includes big projects (in terms of money, personnel, and scale of effort), tech, design, and finding a way to take what we've got and make it all work. I use Gatsby and Sanity together for my ground-up projects.

Outside of work & code, I try to find ways to create, learn, and share. This includes a leatherworking side hustle, writing, photography, quilting, cats, and home improvements. I also make a great margarita!