Dec 14th - Learn how Tecovas roped in success with Sanity and Shopify 🤠

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Taxonomy Manager

Create and manage SKOS compliant taxonomies, thesauri, and classification schemes in Sanity Studio.

Andy Fitzgerald
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Studio v2

A multi-tag input for sanity studio. Fully featured with autocomplete capabilities, live updates, predefined tag options, style and component customizability, and much more.

P Christopher Bowers
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How to build a Portfolio Site with Sanity and Next.js

Learn how to build a portfolio site with Sanity and Next.js 13 and also explore how to setup GROQ-powered webhooks for deployment

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Victor Eke
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Self-Hosting Sanity Studio with GitHub Actions

A comprehensive guide to self-hosting Sanity Studio on DreamHost with GitHub Actions for continuous integration.

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Andy Fitzgerald
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35 GitHub projects made with Sanity

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Fitness Platform / Blog website

Kennedy Freitas
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Handup Gloves

Revolutionizing with a seamless fusion of dynamic content flexibility atop Shopify's Hydrogen platform.

Agency 1903
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J Skis

Unleashing Hydrogen & Sanity: The Ultimate Site to Score the Planet's Raddest Skis!

Agency 1903
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Hedley & Bennett

Site rebuild with Sanity + Hydrogen. Created unique product structure to allow for better modularity, bundling, advanced collection filtering and unique navigation patterns.

Kevin Green
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A faster, more simple and transparent mortgage experience.

Field Office
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