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Southeast Medical Group

By Ruhe

Southeast Medical Group (SEMG), the largest independent medical group in the Southeast U.S., now boasts a custom website powered by Sanity, seamlessly connecting over 200 providers across 50+ locations.

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Intercepting Modal - Location
Intercepting Modal - Doctor
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Featured Review - Searches reviews (document) for reference to doctor.
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About the project

Ruhe Transforms Southeast Medical Group's Online Presence with Sanity

Ruhe partnered with Southeast Medical Group (SEMG), the largest independent medical group in the Southeast U.S., to create a groundbreaking website that elevates the patient experience. SEMG's network of over 200 providers across 50+ locations required a solution that could keep vital patient information up-to-date and easily accessible.

To ensure patients could quickly find information and book appointments, Ruhe developed custom inputs within the Sanity Studio, such as dynamically rendered schedule CTAs based on provider availability, preferences, and EMR integrations. Advanced GROQ queries were implemented to enable location-based data fetching and personalized suggestions for categories, posts, and services.

Ruhe also introduced intercepting modals with Next.js for provider and location documents, allowing patients to access essential information without navigating away from their current page. This significantly enhances the user experience and simplifies the appointment booking process.

In addition to patient-facing features, Ruhe integrated Embeddings Search using the Sanity Embeddings API to create a powerful global command search. This benefits both patients and SEMG's internal team by providing a smarter way to find doctors and enabling staff to locate critical information quickly.

With nearly 100,000 monthly website visitors, Ruhe's implementation of Sanity has transformed SEMG's online presence into a comprehensive, user-friendly platform that prioritizes patient needs and streamlines internal processes. By leveraging Sanity's flexible content modeling and powerful APIs, Ruhe has set a new standard for healthcare websites in the Southeast U.S. and beyond.

Throughout the development process, Ruhe gained valuable insights into tailoring solutions for the healthcare industry. By collaborating closely with SEMG to understand their unique challenges and goals, Ruhe created a website that serves as a powerful tool for patients, healthcare providers, and staff alike. This project showcases the immense potential of Sanity in creating dynamic, data-driven websites that revolutionize how healthcare organizations engage with their patients and optimize internal operations.



Ruhe empowers healthcare with innovative websites that enhance online presence and revolutionize patient connections.

Ruhe is located at Atlanta, GA
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