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Profile page of Donaël Walter

Donaël's headline: Creative Developer, Brand Designer & Photographer - Freelance

Donaël's email: contact@donaelwalter.com
Donaël's website: www.donaelwalter.com/
Donaël's location: Lyon, France
Joined: April 2021
Donaël's job title: Creative Developer, Brand Designer & Photographer - Freelance
Donaël is Available for work

Librairie Expérience
- Made with Sanity

Hybrid Marketing/E-commerce website for Librairie Expérience a comic bookshop in Lyon (France)

Donaël Walter
Go to Librairie Expérience

- Made with Sanity

The website of the French branch of SCC, a leading IT company

Donaël Walter

👋 Passionate creator, developer, designer and photographer, I use my expertise to help brands shine in the digital world. My goal is to create memorable online experiences, refine visual identity and capture the essence of each company.

🔧 The stack I often use
- React.js ( Framework )
- Node.js
- Sanity.js ( CMS )

📖What I'm currently learning
- Rust

📷 My cameras
- Lumix GX80
- Lumix S5

📧 contact@donaelwalter.com
🌍 https://www.donaelwalter.com/
📞 https://cal.com/donael-walter/conversation-rapide