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By Donaƫl Walter

The website of the French branch of SCC, a leading IT company

Slider component
Clients of SCC
Videos section
A guide for the marketing team to learn how to use the CMS
The structure follow the website menu, here the part to manage the "Solutions" category
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About the project

SCC is one of the world's leading IT companies, providing infrastructure services to enterprises.

We worked with Dragon Rouge and SCC France to redesign the French site (DA, UI/UX Design, Development).

The site is a communications platform enabling SCC France to reposition itself on its values, inform partners of new developments and attract potential collaborators.

At that time sanity didn't have an internal preview system, so we built our own for this project.

As SCC has a large marketing team, we have produced a guide with a video to help new publishers quickly become self-sufficient.

Sanity has enabled us to manage more than 485 pages on this site.

This projet was made with https://www.dragonrouge.com/fr/ & https://bihua.fr/


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