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Profile page of 3200.PRO Ryan Murray

3200.PRO's headline: 15+ Yr Freelance: Website Developer, Designer, and Online Consultant

3200.PRO's email: info@3200.pro
3200.PRO's website: 3200.pro
3200.PRO's location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Joined: September 2019
3200.PRO's job title: Freelance Designer/Developer/Consultant
3200.PRO is Available for work

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3200.PRO Ryan Murray
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3200.PRO Ryan Murray

Hi, I'm Ryan Murray. My wife and I are a two-person freelance web development, design, and consultation team (3200.PRO). Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, we have built hundreds of websites for a wide variety of agencies and companies worldwide. We've been using Sanity since 2019 and love having it as the foundation for strong structured content within our projects.

More Info About 3200.Pro:

  • We have been building websites for 15+ years.
  • We work on both short-term and long-term projects.
  • Multiple agencies and companies have been working with us for 10+ years.
  • We are generalist developers and have a wide range of programming knowledge.
  • We both have an extensive background in graphic design and digital illustration.
  • Motion graphics (Cinema 4D), sound design, 3D product design, and product photography are available services we've included in projects.
  • While working with Sanity.io, we've built projects on React, NextJS, Gatsby, Hydrogen, SvelteKit and Remix.
  • We rock at SEO and website optimization/conversion.

More Info About Me:

  • I taught college-level digital video game development, web development, and graphic design for several years in the Minneapolis area.
  • I'm obsessed with digital art/production. When I'm not developing websites, I produce music (Ableton + Push 2) and work heavily with motion graphics (Cinema 4D).
  • I run between 5m/8km (8km) - 9m/14km every other day as long as temperatures are > 15°F / -9°C