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Profile page of 3200.PRO Ryan Murray

3200.PRO's headline: 15+ Yr Freelance: Website Developer, Designer, and Online Consultant

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3200.PRO's location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Joined: September 2019
3200.PRO's job title: Freelance Designer/Developer/Consultant
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Hi, I'm Ryan. I operate as 3200.PRO. My business partner/wife and I are a two-person web development, design, and consultation team. We are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

More Info About 3200.Pro…

  • We have been building websites for 15+ years.
  • We work on both short-term and long-term projects.
  • Multiple clients have been sending us projects for a decade or more.
  • We are generalist developers and have a wide range of programming knowledge.
  • We both have an extensive background in graphic design.
  • All websites we are building at 3200.PRO are built on Gatsby + Sanity.
  • We rock at SEO and website optimization/conversion.

More Info About Me…

  • I taught college-level digital design, web development, and video game development in my mid-twenties.
  • I'm obsessed with digital production. When I'm not developing websites, I produce music (Ableton + Push 2) and work heavily with motion graphics (Cinema 4D).
  • I eat a lot of sushi. 1-2X per week.
  • I have an affinity for urban art (graffiti) and strong design.