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Innovative Procedural Spinal Solutions Website

By 3200.PRO Ryan Murray

Innovative Procedural Spinal Solutions Showcase

Website Pages
Project Wireframes
Annotated Spinal Image CTA
This Sanity studio manages 28,000 connected documents
Annotated spinal images populate hero sections and interactive spinal CTAs

About the project

This spinal surgical solutions provider sought to enhance their website and focus on a more user-friendly and interactive website for surgeons, patients, and potential employees. Sanity provided an elegant and straightforward approach to the connectivity of their data. After years with a legacy CMS, the content management team immediately noticed the benefits of structured content. The new website facilitates inventory management of over 28,000 products while showcasing their innovative procedural spinal solutions.

In coordination with the California-based Parker White Agency, 3200.Pro handled the design integration and development of the website. This includes:

  • WordPress to Sanity.io Migration
  • Full development and design integration of the website (based on provided visual comps)
  • Content migration of over 28,000 documents
  • Algolia Search integration
  • Gatsby frontend design and development
  • Inventory control functionality that generates PDF files based on available products in the studio
  • Instructions for use integration for their entire product offerings in 12+ Languages.
  • Interactive spine annotated image call-to-actions that work seamlessly with interactive spine hero sections on procedure pages


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