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Profile page of Jayne Mast

Jayne's headline: Senior Software Engineer at Confrere

Jayne's email: mast.jayne@gmail.com
Jayne's location: The Netherlands
Joined: June 2020
Jayne's job title: Senior Software Engineer

Horizontal bar chart
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This is a schema we've used to create accessbile bar charts, with human-readable text for each bar.

Jayne Mast
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Confrere website
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The website part of Confrere used to be Gatsby with the content in the code. It was migrated slowly to a Sanity/Gatsby combination so it was ready for content editors to work on the many languages.

Jayne Mast
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Jayne is a Senior Software Engineer at Confrere, based in The Netherlands, and organiser of QueerJS, CSSClasses, and Global Diversity CFP Day. She’s passionate about welcoming everyone into tech and making the web work for everyone.