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Profile page of Thomas Strobl

Thomas's headline: Digital Generalist, previously Co-Founder & Tech Director at WILD

Thomas's email: thomas@thomas-strobl.com
Thomas's website: thomas-strobl.com
Thomas's location: Vienna, Austria
Joined: October 2019

For the past 12 years I was fortunate to work in most of the fields of the Digital Creative Industry as a Designer, Developer, Photographer, Music Producer, Motion Designer, Producer / Project Manager, Tech Director and CEO.

As a digital generalist I now focus on the digital representation of brands and the shaping of digital identities. Because I worked at every step of the process, I can accompany brands from start to finish.

I love purposeful creation, that means creative work, but not just for the sake of being artsy. I love hands-on production with attention to detail. I love putting things out for people and going the extra mile for a superior product.