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Lemon's headline: We build lightning fast websites that have amazing user experience using headless architectures

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Lemon's location: United Kingdom
Joined: January 2022
Lemon's job title: Sanity Development
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Rise at Seven
- Made with Sanity

Built by Lemon Hive, the Rise at Seven (Drum Digital Industries Agency of the Year 2021) website uses Sanity with Gatsby.

Lemon Hive
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We make secure, flexible and fast headless (Jamstack) websites and apps that improve Technical SEO, increase visitor numbers & conversion rates. We build with Sanity, BigCommerce, Prismic, Strapi, Contentful, WordPress, and other headless content management systems. We create front-ends with Vue and React utilising Next.js, Gatsby, Nuxt, React Native, and others.