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Lemon's headline: We work through other agencies and consultants as well as directly with end clients to build lightning-fast headless commerce and headless B2B websites, apps and software solutions.

Lemon's email: sales@lemonhive.com
Lemon's website: www.lemonhive.com/
Lemon's location: United Kingdom
Joined: January 2022
Lemon's job title: Sanity Development
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Rise at Seven
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Built by Lemon Hive, the Rise at Seven (Drum Digital Industries Agency of the Year 2021) website uses Sanity with Gatsby.

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We’re a team of designers and developers and started our journey developing analytics software, HR systems, and a custom learning management system that is currently being used by a number of the large car manufacturers, including Toyota, Honda, Jaguar Land Rover. Alongside this in our early years, we worked a lot with WordPress, and often found it challenging when using it to develop to the requirements of enterprise clients. With our software background, headless was an obvious place for us to move towards.

In our search for a suitable solution, we found sanity in using Sanity! And with our software experience, front ends such as Next.js suited us perfectly. Now, we build headless sites using Sanity, combining it with Next.js, Nuxt, Gatsby, or Remix in non-commerce situations. In commerce sites, we utilize Shopify, BigCommerce, Centra, and either Remix (Hydrogen) or Next.js.

Our structure enables us to deliver the solutions cost effectively, and we work both through other agencies in directly within clients.

We have built a number of B2B sites, and we are launching our first headless commerce site in Q4 2023. We also develop our own tools, with sitebeacon.io recently launched, and will be developing additional tools and plug-ins in the near future.