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Profile page of Thomas Z Lukoma

Thomas's headline: I help bring your vision to life in words and pixels.

Thomas's location: United States
Joined: December 2020
Thomas's job title: User Experience Developer / Design Technologist

Black History Month Church Activities Micro-Site
- Made with Sanity

A quickly spun-up marketing site for church activities related to Black History Month themes to help centralize all the information for the congregation.

Thomas Z Lukoma
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I'm a tinkerer at heart growing my skills in front-end development. By day, I am a User Experience Designer and love creating beautiful things in pixels. Learning to code has opened up a whole other world of creativity for me.

I spent years using WordPress and am excited about the evolution to headless CMS both with and without that platform.

Current interests are React, headless cms, Firebase, Next JS, Gatsby (and a bit of Angular just to keep it interesting).