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Profile page of Halo lab

Halo's headline: Design-driven development team

Halo's email: mail@halo-lab.com
Halo's website: www.halo-lab.com
Halo's location: Ukraine
Joined: December 2019
Halo is Available for work

Sanity Lighthouse
- Tool

The Sanity Lighthouse Plugin seamlessly integrates Google PageSpeed Insights into your SanityCMS workflow, providing comprehensive performance analysis. Generate reports, monitor performance, and optimize your website for faster load times and improved user experience, all within your existing development process. It's a developer-friendly tool that streamlines performance testing and optimization for your SanityCMS-powered website.

Halo lab
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Charity in Action 🌍
- Made with Sanity

Mite.org β€” how we helped overhaul the charity platform serving thousands in need

Halo lab
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Hey, we're product-oriented engineering team with focus on nice and modern design.