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Hiren's headline: Tech Lead | React, Node, GraphQL | Delivering Excellence πŸš€

Hiren's location: India
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Refine Data Provider
- Tool

Data provider package for Refine.dev - A low-code open source platform, based on React to generate internal tools, admin panels, dashboards, B2B apps with flexibility in mind.

Hiren F
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Hey there, Sanity community! I'm Hiren F., a seasoned Technical Lead & Tech Consultant with expertise in ReactJS, NodeJS, GraphQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and various JavaScript frameworks.

About Me:
- Known for spearheading successful projects and delivering excellence.
- Specializing in designing efficient APIs with GraphQL.
- Adept at managing both relational (PostgreSQL, MySQL) and NoSQL databases.

What I Share:
- Tech insights, from ReactJS and Node.js to the latest industry trends.
- Practical tips for building robust web applications.
- Occasional glimpses into my tech journey and experiences.

Let's Connect:
I'm here to engage in tech discussions, collaborate on projects, and connect with fellow enthusiasts. Boost, reply, or DM me anytime. Let's explore the Sanity community together! πŸš€