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Francisco's headline: CTO @ Mosca Digital, a creative digital agency in love with Sanity

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Francisco's location: Lisbon, Portugal
Joined: July 2020
Francisco's job title: CTO
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Websites and CMSes for four countries of a multi-national company in the crop protection sector

Francisco Vieira
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Ever since I was a kid I've loved all kinds of puzzles. In 2006 it finally paid off when I found about programming, the ultimate puzzle.
Since then I've embraced it and didn't let go.

I've worked for large companies and startups, built (and crashed) my own startup and in 2017 launched a digital consultancy agency called Mosca Digital in which I'm CTO.

These days, besides my role as a CTO, I consider myself a fullstack developer with experience in frontend (, Gatsby.js, Typescript, React), mobile (mostly React Native) and backend (NodeJS, GraphQL, Rest).

I also love teaching, something that thankfully my position gives me plenty of opportunities to do.