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Profile page of Francisco Vieira

Francisco's headline: CEO/CTO @ Digital Spiders, a creative digital agency in love with Sanity

Francisco's email: francisco@digitalspiders.io
Francisco's location: Lisbon, Portugal
Joined: October 2019
Francisco's job title: CEO/CTO
Francisco is Available for work

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Website for LightLab, a technical and decorative lighting company

Francisco Vieira
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ASCENZA local websites
- Made with Sanity

Websites and Sanity CMSes for four countries of a multi-national company in the crop protection sector (later expanded to 7 countries)

Francisco Vieira
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Going Viral Newsletter
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Landing page and web-based guides for a newsletter based SaaS that unlocks the science behind virality. Stripe payments.

Francisco Vieira
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Digital Spiders website
- Made with Sanity

Our own web(site), where we broke expectations by making you start your visit in the center of the web (as opposed to the usual option of starting at the top of the website). A true challenge to our design and development skills, and a lot of fun to make!

Francisco Vieira
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I've worked for large companies and startups, built (and crashed) my own startup and in 2017 launched a web design/development agency called Digital Spiders, a web design/development agency specialized in custom, creative marketing websites.

As a developer, I'm mostly a frontend developer with experience in Sanity, Gatsby, Typescript and React, with some backend experience to complement it.

Besides leading Digital Spiders and managing the business's operations, I consider myself a skilled frontend developer with a passion for teaching, something that thankfully my role gives me plenty of opportunities to do, both with my team and my clients.