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Francisco's headline: CEO/CTO @ Mosca Digital, a creative digital agency in love with Sanity

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Francisco's location: Lisbon, Portugal
Joined: July 2020
Francisco's job title: CEO/CTO
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ASCENZA local websites
- Made with Sanity

Websites and CMSes for four countries of a multi-national company in the crop protection sector (later expanded to 7 countries)

Francisco Vieira
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I've worked for large companies and startups, built (and crashed) my own startup and in 2017 launched a digital consultancy agency called Mosca Digital in which I'm CEO/CTO.

As a developer, I consider myself a fullstack developer with experience in frontend (, Gatsby.js, Typescript, React), and backend (NodeJS, GraphQL, Rest).

I also love teaching, something that thankfully my position gives me plenty of opportunities to do.