ASCENZA local websites

By Francisco Vieira

Websites and CMSes for four countries of a multi-national company in the crop protection sector (later expanded to 7 countries)

Part of the homepage, where users can search for products, see featured products, news, and a weather widget
Lower in the homepage, with videos and events
Product page
Product listing page, with filters and search bar
This project required a very large number of documents, some of them quite complex, the product document alone had over 70 fields!
Portable text editor, with ability to link to lots of different document types and multiple types of content that could be inserted (images, galleries, videos, documents, quotes).

About the project

ASCENZA, a multi-national company in the crop protection sector, came to us with a very interesting challenge: they were going through a rebranding and they wanted to use this as an opportunity to create new websites for the countries they were present in, four of which (Portugal, Spain, France and Italy) already had websites whose content should be kept.

We embraced the challenge and just 5 months after deployment had started, ASCENZA saw 4 new secure, performant and scalable websites launched (,,,, full with content imported (and improved) from their old websites, and with a powerful and easy to use CMS (Sanity, obviously) that would allow them control over the content of their websites long after deployment.

Check the full case study here.