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Practitioner Course Landing Page

By Francisco Vieira

Landing page for a practitioner master course on the Metabolic Approach to Cancer.

About the project

Metabolic Terrain, a nonprofit organization with a mission to change the standard of cancer care, came to us with a need for landing pages for two courses they regularly teach.

After a couple introductory meetings, it was clear we needed to create a design and backoffice that not only served those two courses, but that also set the stage for a future redesign of their website.

This was a perfect fit for our backoffices with page-builder, that allow website editors to create and edit pages by adding, reordering and editing pre-designed sections.

As such we built them a landing page builder which let them create the two landing pages they needed (and others they may need in the future), and all sections we designed (available in both light and dark themes) can be used in the future website.


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