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Profile page of Annie Pennell

Annie's headline: Bringing Sanity to ethical web development

Annie's email: annie@sparkbird.works
Annie's website: anniepennell.com
Annie's location: Richmond, CA, USA
Joined: December 2020
Annie's job title: Software engineer, Owner
Annie is Available for work

Color Hex with Swatch
- Schema

Text input that for a color hex value (without the #) that displays a color swatch

Annie Pennell
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- Made with Sanity

A CMS to power a content-driven virtual camera app

Annie Pennell
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I'm a frontend-focused software engineer and owner of Sparkbird Studio. I take an ethical approach to web development by prioritizing accessibility and sustainability, and my favorite stack is TypeScript + Next.js + Sanity.

I have extensive experience with localization/internationaliztion (aka l10n/i18n, or translation) and have contributed to official Sanity translation plugins. I love to think about Sanity studio structures and making the best user experience possible for the content managers who work with the studio! Contact me to hear how I can help you regain some Sanity sanity :)