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By Annie Pennell

A CMS to power a content-driven virtual camera app

Viewing the Room Catalog in mmhmm for Mac
Catalog of available virtual rooms, as shown in the mmhmm Mac app. This content is added using the Sanity Studio.
Studio desk view with modal from custom sync-button plugin open
Custom featured-rooms plugin

About the project

Mmhmm is a product created by the team at All Turtles and is used as a virtual camera to make video calls and presentations better than before.

Curated virtual backgrounds, known as “rooms,” are one of mmhmm’s core offerings. These images and videos are updated often, usually by talented designers, copywriters, and content managers. There are also many tooltips, announcements and UI elements that need frequent updating and translation.

With the help of our Sanity Studio, content can be managed by the appropriate team member, instead of developers. The mmhmm service API uses Sanity's HTTP API to fetch content updates that it will serve to the desktop app.

Some custom features include:

  • a dashboard widget that allows users to trigger the server to sync updated content
  • a persistent button plugin that extends opens a modaI, allowing users to trigger the content sync from any page without losing their place in the desk
  • a read-only object on room category documents that lists all room documents that have a reference to that category, with a link to navigate directly to the room
  • a plugin that adds a dashboard for updating the“Featured Rooms” category, which uses the Sanity JavaScript client to easily reset the rooms every week