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Profile page of ENSEMBLE STUDIO ⚭

ENSEMBLE's headline: Design & Code hybrid

ENSEMBLE's email: catharina@ensemblestudio.nl
ENSEMBLE's website: www.thisisensemblestudio.com
ENSEMBLE's location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Joined: August 2021
ENSEMBLE's job title: Art Direction | Designer | Web Developer
ENSEMBLE is Available for work

After a decade of working as an designer and art director in the fashion industry, I launched ENSEMBLE STUDIO in 2019. Throughout my career as a designer and art director, I've noticed an unresolved divide between creativity and code, especially in the context of the increasing demand for digital and web design. This motivated me to bridge the gap, fostering a seamless transition and deeper understanding between these two disciplines. Intrigued by the fascinating world of coding and its latest technologies, I decided to embark on a parallel journey as a professional web developer. Today, I proudly wear both hats, offering a unique blend of design and technical expertise to create bespoke and holistic digital experiences.