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OpenAI is a leading research organization dedicated to advancing artificial general intelligence (AGI). OpenAI offers powerful tools that seamlessly integrate with content management systems (CMS). By leveraging OpenAI's capabilities with the Sanity platform, you can enhance content creation, automate workflows, and provide personalized user experiences, setting a new standard for digital content management in the modern era.

2 OpenAI tools

Sanity Embeddings Index UI

Official(made by Sanity team)

The Sanity Embeddings Index API enables the creation, management, and search of named embeddings vector indexes. This plugin for Sanity Studio lets you manage embeddings indexes and test queries against them.

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Sanity AI Assist

Official(made by Sanity team)

Free your team to do more of what they’re great at (and less busy work) with the AI assistant that works with structured content. Attach reusable AI instructions to fields and documents to supercharge your editorial workflow.

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1 OpenAI guide

2 OpenAI projects made with Sanity


Music platform for content creators

yaroslav kaplunskiy
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Gruntly is a personal assistant bot designed to monitor and analyze messages from various public sources, ensuring you only receive content tailored to your interests.

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