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Gruntly is a personal assistant bot designed to monitor and analyze messages from various public sources, ensuring you only receive content tailored to your interests.

About the project

Gruntly is your personal information curator, designed to streamline your digital life by delivering only the content that matters to you. In a world inundated with information, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and miss out on essential updates. Gruntly tackles this issue head-on by monitoring multiple channels of your choice, analyzing them based on your unique interests and tasks, and then delivering a daily digest of highly relevant messages right to your inbox. From industry trends and market news to social updates, Gruntly ensures you stay in the loop without drowning in data.

With Gruntly, you can:
- Onboard quickly and define your interests in a simple dialogue mode
- Add channels for monitoring with a straightforward message-forwarding system
- Easily edit settings to keep your interests and channels up-to-date
- Choose between Free and Full pricing plans to match your monitoring needs
- View valuable statistics on the efficiency of your information gathering

By cutting through the noise and serving up only what's useful, Gruntly lets you focus on what's truly important, saving you time and mental energy. Don't let the constant stream of messages distract you from your goals; let Gruntly do the heavy lifting. Subscribe now and take the first step toward a more focused, more informed you.