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Formidable's headline: We build the modern web.

Formidable's email: hello@formidable.com
Formidable's website: formidable.com
Formidable's location: North America, UK & EMEA
Joined: January 2019

Select draft OR published document
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Setting up a live preview and want to fetch a document's draft, with a fallback for the published document when there are no drafts? Check this out.

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Third-party Packages in Sanity Studio V2
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Studio v2

To get around our "modern language features" issue, we can tweak the Sanity Webpack configuration so that it uses babel to transpile the library files for our third-party libraries that are causing us problems.

This is an external link at:formidable.com
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Formidable is a global design and engineering consultancy, and open-source software organization, specializing in digital products and transformation. As Sanity business partners, we leverage Sanity's extensive and flexible content platform to build unique and powerful content management workflows for our clients.