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Profile page of David Witt

David's headline: Developer advocate, front-end engineer, dubious philosopher

David's website: davidwitt.me/
David's location: Seattle, WA
Joined: July 2021
David is Available for work

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David Witt
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Currently developing Space Madness and writing my journey along the way.

I am a seasoned technical lead and developer advocate with a passion for empowering developers and driving exceptional developer experiences.

With a strong background in full stack engineering and expertise in front-end development, I have led successful projects, mentored teams, and delivered innovative solutions for renowned brands.

I build the Space Madness stack to leverage some amazing tech and stitch together ideas in a bidirectionally linked content map. It powers this site, as well as Poly Love Life where I write educational content about polyamory.

When I'm not working, I dabble in the dark arts of creative writing, Olympic weightlifting, and exploring the majestic PNW.