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Hi, I’m Chris Jayden! Most people know me as the guy who co-founded HEATE - a niche community where we teach music producers how to make a living online. This idea started as a side project back in 2018 and has since grown into a full-time business with over 2,500 customers.

In my early 20’s I studied music production at the Herman Brood Academy. Right after I graduated I started working at Heroic Academy, a music industry blog for EDM producers that offered various courses. I quickly realised that I love the intersection between product and marketing, and after a couple of months I got promoted to marketing manager.

During my time at Heroic, I felt an overwhelming urge to start up my own business and this led me into creating a product for web designers which put an extra $1,500 in my pocket each month. This is where things clicked, and I got heavily invested in the idea of creating small corners on the internet that provide value to a specific audience.

If you want to built your own products or want to freelance, you quickly realize that sooner or later you’ll need to learn how to code. I started learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript and eventually I got into Vue, from there I moved to React and later on Svelte.

Today I’m a full-time maker and I’ve been able to create multiple small businesses. This has given me the financial freedom to work on whatever I want, and it’s something I’m extremely passionate about.

A toast to creative freedom.