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Profile page of Chisom Julius

Chisom's headline: I am a frontend web developer and a doctor in training in a top rated medical college in Nigeria

Chisom's website: www.chisomjulius.com/
Chisom's location: Abia state/Nigeria
Joined: December 2020
Chisom's job title: Software engineer
Chisom is Available for work

Implementing a sanity.io code input in Create react app
- Guide

This project helps beginners working with react to learn how to add code input to their rich text field and also highlight it.

This is an external link at:www.chisomjulius.com
Chisom Julius
Go to Implementing a sanity.io code input in Create react app

My name is Chisom Julius from Nigeria.

I'm a dedicated front-end developer with a keen eye for details, and a determination to deliver the very highest quality.

The main areas of my expertise are HTML(5), CSS(3), Javascript(react and jQuery), and some cool collaborative tools like git and slack. I use Netlify as my choice of deployments and my preferred CMS is sanity.io

I try to build web apps to keep my skills and github as updated as possible, and in my free times you can find me reading medical books, playing football, watching movies, or hanging out with friends.