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Minh's headline: Freelance Creative developer based in Italy.

Minh's location: Italy
Joined: December 2021
Minh's job title: Creative Front End Developer
Minh's company: Freelance
Minh is Available for work

Madeleine Rome
- Made with Sanity

A French-inspired bistro, as charming as the old Parisian brasseries, welcoming and cared for down to the smallest detail, as only an Italian place can be.

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Stefano Falconi Studio
- Made with Sanity

Website portfolio made for Stefano Falconi indipendent studio. Designed by Stefano Falconi Studio.

Minh Khoi Riccardo Nguyen
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- Made with Sanity

KYEO was an information platform made during the pandemic of COVID-19 to support #stopasianhate through news, information and testimonials.

Minh Khoi Riccardo Nguyen
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Vietnamese italian guy, sneakers addicted, retired gamer,blender3D amateur, asian cuisine lover,Front end developer with 4 years of experience.