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Profile page of Andrew Kumar

Andrew's headline: Digital platforms and product leader.

Andrew's email: andrewk@uniform.dev
Andrew's location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Joined: June 2022
Andrew's job title: Global Vice President

APIs and IPAs: personalized beverage recommendation
- Made with Sanity

APIs and IPAs is a local event with Uniform, Sanity, and Rangle.io in Toronto. For the event, we built a personalized beer recommendation experience using the latest Next.js 15 partial pre-rendering mode. Uniform has out-of-the-box integrations with Sanity and Vercel, and a visual personalization engine built in. For this experience, we pull Geo IP from Vercel, Weather from a weather API, and beer and breweries content from Sanity, and the experience is visually configured in Uniform. What beer did you get?

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Andrew is Uniform's Global Vice President of Customer Solutions (Tech Strategy and Architecture), Ecosystem, and Partners.

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