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Partner's headline: We build brands, websites, products and ecommerce experiences.

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Partner's location: Victoria, BC

Aryze Developments
- Made with Sanity

A gorgeous design system harnessed through a thoughtfully customized Sanity experience.

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Shelter Market
- Made with Sanity

Shelter Market is a Canada-wide medical cannabis dispensary. Using Sanity and Shopify Plus, we were able to deliver an effortless, engaging shopping experience that distills their complex product data and achieves regulatory compliance.

Partner Creative
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An agency for ambitious brands ready to take their next step.

Our clients are digital-native brands who are in it for the long haul. Those with their first stage of growth behind them and are preparing to scale. Meet your new product team of strategists, designers and technologists. Flexible, long-term and highly collaborative. We are agents of progress.