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Shelter Market

By Partner Creative

Shelter Market is a Canada-wide medical cannabis dispensary. Using Sanity and Shopify Plus, we were able to deliver an effortless, engaging shopping experience that distills their complex product data and achieves regulatory compliance.

Home page
Product listing page
Product details page
Mobile product listing page and product details page
Age gate
Desk overview
Lot editing
Product variant editing

About the project

Shelter Market is hybrid static and server rendered React application built on the Next.js framework. Using React allowed for better interface composition and reusability between this site and the company’s other sister sites. There are five platforms/services working together to deliver this experience, but Sanity is the showpiece that allows us to manage and display a great deal of complex data on the site’s product description pages. For everything Shopify just can’t handle, there’s Sanity. Plus, our client also enjoys using Sanity to customize their blog and static page content with ease and confidence. We helped them raise the bar for medical cannabis patients, and Sanity helped us get there.


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