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Profile page of Shuvo Anirban Roy

Shuvo's headline: Senior Full Stack Developer @ Operation Nation - headless websites, SEO, & content strategy

Shuvo's website: shuvoanirbanroy.com/
Shuvo's location: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Joined: January 2020
Shuvo's job title: Senior Full Stack Developer
Shuvo is Available for work

Schema Markup
- Tool

The @operationnation/sanity-plugin-schema-markup is a Sanity Studio plugin that allows you to generate Schema Markup in your Studio. It provides a React component for the FE that makes handling structured data super simple.

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Senior Full Stack Developer @ Operation Nation, a global agency specializing in headless websites, SEO, and content strategy services. We're obsessed with performance and turning website visitors into leads.

I am a passionate developer who enjoys taking on challenges and bringing them to life. In my free time, I enjoy playing PC games, listening to music, and reading books.