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Profile page of Markus Persson

Markus's headline: Freelancer & lifelong learner, committed to web development expertise through continuous learning & dedicated practice.

Markus's email: markus@webbtopia.com
Markus's website: webbtopia.com/
Markus's location: Stockholm, Sweden
Joined: November 2022
Markus is Available for work

- Made with Sanity

Building a Marketing Website to Present the Services of Eva Vadenmark, a Psychologist, Coach, and Psychotherapist.

Markus Persson
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- Made with Sanity

Marketing website for my web services.

Markus Persson
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I firmly believe in taking personal responsibility for one's actions and outcomes. This principle has driven me to take ownership of my work, seeking solutions and going the extra mile to ensure success. I am accountable for my performance, and I strive for excellence in every task I undertake. By taking initiative and embracing challenges, I have honed my problem-solving skills and developed a reputation for delivering high-quality work.