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By Markus Persson

Marketing website for my web services.

About the project

When I embarked on the journey of building my website, I wanted to use a headless CMS that offered extensive customization options. I considered platforms like Contentful and Strapi, but ultimately, I was captivated by the simplicity of integration and hosting provided by Sanity. This CMS stood out among the rest.

During the development process, I encountered a significant challenge: my design skills were not yet at the level I aspired to achieve. Consequently, I ended up building three different variations of the website before arriving at its current version. Despite the frustrations, I am now delighted with version 3 of the website. It allows me to swiftly edit and update my content, thanks to the efficient integration of the headless CMS. Additionally, I am able to create and manage various sections or "slices" within the website's code.

To streamline the future development process, I established standard operating procedures (SOPs) for myself. These include guidelines for creating schemas, as well as for developing the components that make up the website's structure. These SOPs ensure consistency and efficiency throughout the development process and enable me to focus on creating compelling content.


Markus Persson

Freelancer & lifelong learner, committed to web development expertise through continuous learning & dedicated practice.

Markus is located at Stockholm, Sweden
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