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Kiwi Storage

By Pagepro

Highly-Performant Jamstack Website With Next.js and Sanity

Kiwi Storage Website Project by Pagepro
User-Friendly Kiwi Storage Website Project by Pagepro
Website solutions by Pagepro for Kiwi Storage
User-friendly website interface by Pagepro for Kiwi Storage

About the project


Building a Scalable Lead Generation Website with Jamstack

Kiwi Storage has been on the market since 2007, providing storage solutions such as business storage, self-storage and mobile storage in the City of London and surrounding areas.


When Kiwi Storage reached out to Pagepro, their website had to deal with many WordPress limitations and relied on working with external developers. On top of that there were a lot of security concerns they wanted to address.

Kiwi Storage decided to make their website the main source of lead generation. Their goal was to suit the habits of the clients and fully automate the storage ordering process.


Making a website the main lead source is a popular approach, but requires a high-security, fast and scalable website, and migration to Jamstack was the perfect answer for all those conditions. To meet high customer requirements for flexible content management and security concerns, and future plans to rebuild the website into an e-commerce platform, we decided to use Next.js & Sanity.

Why Sanity?

Sanity suited this project perfectly because it provides full flexibility in content management, which was desired by the customer. Additionally, its live preview option enables the editors to keep an eye on the overall look of the content during creation.


We've delivered a secure and lightweight website, offering a significant performance boost compared to the old one.


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