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Green Custard

By Pagepro

Super-fast B2B Website Built With Sanity for Easy Content Management

Green Custard website project by Pagepro
Mobile friendly website development by Pagepro
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About the project


Building a future-proof website for an advanced technology provider

Green Custard wanted to provide the best experience for both the visitors to their website and their internal team, which works with the website on a daily basis.


When Green Custard reached Sanity Partner, Pagepro, their existing website was already built with the Jamstack approach, but it wasn’t optimised properly, and even though the User Experience wasn’t bad, because of the chosen tech stack, they struggled with scalability, new page creation and content management.

They wanted to get a new, one-of-a-kind website that would reflect their knowledge of the latest technologies and wide experience in that field.


Gatsby.js and Sanity to provide the highest website performance and easy content management

Green Custard chose Sanity agency partner Pagepro (an experienced React.js and React Native development agency) to to rebuild their website with a tech stack that would answer the main challenges they faced: weak website scalability and complicated content management. They also wanted the website to be super-fast and to secure the data during the migration.

Pagepro decided to propose a tech stack that covers all the needs of this type of website: Gatsby.js to provide the highest website performance and rich SEO capabilities.

For content management, Pagepro suggested Sanity. The main reasons for this decision included:

  • Live previews to encourage effective content edition
  • Easy collaboration within various teams on the new content creation
  • Full flexibility in content management

“To guarantee the marketing and content teams' independence from developers in content creation and flexible content management, you need to choose the CMS that supports various content types, live previews and collaboration within the project. And Sanity has it all.”

— Jakub Dakowicz, CTO at Pagepro


A quick and interactive website that can be updated without hassle

Green Custard provides its users with a one-of-a-kind website that reflects their knowledge of the latest technologies and wide experience in that field.

With Gatsby.js and Sanity as the main components of the tech stack, Pagepro built a super-fast website that works well across different devices.

Flexible Content Management

Thanks to Sanity, Green Custard’s team can work independently and cooperatively to provide the users with the best content. Thanks to live previews they can edit the content effectively, without the need to click through the windows to see changes.

“Sanity enabled us to have a performant website which enables us to reflect our business capabilities and values” - Jonathan Custance, Director, Green Custard


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