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Toolbox by Admiral

By Pagepro

Streamlined Insurance Buying: Admiral Unifies User Experience with Sanity

Toolbox app by Pagepro
Toolbox Marketing Website by Pagepro
User-friendly mobile design for Toolbox app by Pagepro

About the project


To Unify User Experience in Different Apps

Admiral is a UK-based company, set up in 1993 specialising in insurance. They wanted to unify the user experience across their products and develop a customer-facing platform (Toolbox) containing the entire offer as a one-stop shop for all the users.


Admiral had already launched their first insurance product, with plans for future expansion, however, the tools they were using were implemented on separate PAS systems and followed different user journeys.

They determined that the new platform should consist of three components:

  • A Marketing Website
  • "Quote-to-buy" App
  • A "Customer Account" App

They wanted to reach the market with minimal functionality as soon as possible, so together we chose the features that should be developed as an MVP:

  • Marketing Website with static pages
  • Customer Account Frontend
  • Login
  • Online "Quote -to-buy" journey
  • Claims Processing - integration with 3-rd party services
  • Data Integration and Reporting

Toolbox has a strong backend development team but sought our support in establishing a comprehensive project plan, selecting the optimal technology stack, and developing a user-centric front end.


We formed a team of experienced developers to build the project together. As a frontend development agency, Pagepro was responsible for:

  • Building a Jamstack marketing website with Next.js and Sanity
  • Building the frontend with React, and integrating Sanity for the Quote-to-buy application
  • Contribution to UI Development for the Customer Account App

Why Sanity?

Toolbox prioritised a CMS which would offer powerful content management features, including custom form builders and effective product configuration capabilities. An additional requirement was for the CMS to enable their marketing team to independently and quickly change the content without developers' involvement, to enable further growth. Sanity's focus on customization, personalization, and a robust plugin system supporting both form-building and product configuration made it the ideal choice.


We delivered an MVP focused on essential functionalities, enabling a fully automated and user-friendly insurance selling process. This platform streamlines the user journey across Admiral's products, enhancing brand recognition and simplifying project management.

We're now working on further development.


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