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Case study

Easy content modelling for one of the internet’s largest CDNs

Cloudflare needed a fast showcase site for their new serverless product - Workers. They chose Sanity + Gatsby to align with their own reputation for speed and reliability.

Use case

Bandwidth-friendly images, easy content modelling, and the ability to assemble custom layouts without sacrificing content structure.

<2 weeks
Web Security & Infrastructure Services

Sanity's approach to structured content helped us innovate and reconsider the structure of our codebase. I’m now excited to model the entire App UI within Sanity.

Kristian Freeman

Developer Advocate, Cloudflare

About the customer

Cloudflare are on a mission to build a better Internet. They provide security, performance, and reliability to over 26 million internet properties and a billion unique IPs. Their API-first CDN is one of the internet’s largest, and serves data from more than 200 cities and 90 countries.

Content Modelling
Headless CMS
Page Builder
Cloudflare Workers
Key benefits

Modular page layouts

Sanity supports modular layouts without compromising on content structure. Developers can access data in logical ways to write leaner code.

Easy content modelling

Developers provisioned a fully-functional content model and editing interface within minutes. Designers were delighted to build their interfaces content-first.

Built-in optimizations

Sanity and Gatsby’s built-in optimisation features make it easy to achieve impressive lighthouse scores for performance, accessibility, and best practices.

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