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Case study

The cloud platform for composable banking leverages Sanity for the core of its marketing technology stack

Mambu is the cloud platform for composable banking that’s built for change. They chose Sanity as their content platform so they could continuously build on a future-proof single source of truth and power their JAMstack based front-ends.

Use case

Content backend with structured data for JAMstack front-ends

Deployment Time
< 5min
Structured Content

Sanity means much more to us than just headless CMS. We’re convinced about the benefits of structured content and what it means for the future of digital marketing at Mambu.

Eppo Heemstra

Senior Manager, Marketing Operations

About the customer

Mambu offers the only true SaaS cloud banking platform and has over 150 customers with over 20M end-users worldwide.

Content Management
Homegrown Gatsby Preview
Netlify Functions
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