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Case study

A better digital experience for millions of travellers

With their traditional CMS Eurostar experienced long, inefficient development cycles.

They coupled Sanity with React and GraphQL and saw an 80%+ decrease in the time required to complete CMS-related development tasks. Improvements to content structure made for better customer experiences across a range of locations and market segments.

Use case

A localization and segmentation-friendly content platform. Compatible with modern stacks. Capable of delivering to millions of users.

>10 million per year

Our traditional PHP stack was holding us back and required long development cycles.

With Sanity, CMS development tasks that used to take 2-3 weeks now take 2-3 days. Sanity also enabled advanced localization, A/B testing and SEO optimization across eight markets.

Peter Hopkins

Senior Product Owner

About the customer

Eurostar connects the United Kingdom to France, Belgium, and the Netherlands over high-speed rail. They have provided transportation to over 200 million passengers.

Content Management
Digital Asset Management
Market Segmentation
Deployment Pipeline
Internal APIs
Key benefits

Localization & personalization

Eurostar uses Sanity to improve content personalization across any combination of 8 locales, and 8 market segments.

Compatible with modern frontends

Sanity’s API-based approach to content empowered the Eurostar team to build with the tools best suited to their needs and expertise.

Shorter development cycles

Structured content and modern development tools make for flexible and efficient workflows.

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