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Create once, distribute anywhere

Make your content last longer, travel more places, and be easier to manage from a single source of truth.

We don’t restrict your content to HTML or your reach to sites and apps. Design a custom home for all your data and let it reach your audience wherever you might find them.

  • Publish from a single source of truth

  • Work with truly flexible Rich Text

  • Preview anything


OMA bridges analog and digital content with Sanity

40 years of The Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) history was converted into structured data and used to create geographically-aware websites, searchable books, and internal tooling.
  • Multi-channel

  • Improve searchability across projects

  • Reduce data duplication

Single source of truth

You don’t have to get by with managing content in different places. We provide scalable storage, flexible APIs, and best-in-class tools for structuring content so you can build exactly what you need, work with it in sensible ways, and send it anywhere.

  • Everything in the one place

  • Work with feature-rich APIs

  • Secure global CDN delivery

Our traditional PHP stack was holding us back and required long development cycles.

With Sanity, CMS development tasks that used to take 2-3 weeks now take 2-3 days. Sanity also enabled advanced localization, A/B testing and SEO optimization across eight markets.

Future friendly Rich Text

HTML is great, but not for storing Rich Text in a multichannel world.

We felt so strongly about this that we built Portable Text: an open source JSON-based specification for multichannel content markup.

  • Annotate text with anything

  • Reference business data within spans

  • Write content for web, print, and speech – all within the same document

The Portable-Text feature

from @sanity_io is so incredible

powerful. It outplays so many other competitors because it integrates so well into the editing workflow that you never have to leave the edit-screen to create another piece of content

Tweet published on: May 7, 2020, 7:41 PM

Preview anything

Modern content needs to find its audience wherever they choose to be. That’s why we built you the tools to design views for any context.

Support better content by giving your authors the ability to explore how their work will be perceived in print, signage, IoT devices, or voice assistants.

  • Real-time previews

  • Add multiple views to a single document

  • View several previews

Build beyond your expectations