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Great content doesn’t often land the first time around: it takes teamwork and iteration to get found and make an impact.

That’s why we built you a flexible canvas for content optimization. Run tests however you like, mix and match your metadata for any indexing need, and do it all in a real-time collaborative editing environment.

  • Control all your content + meta

  • Run tests at any level

  • Integrate it with other parts of your marketing stack

Schematic of optimisation components in Sanity platform.

The cloud platform for composable banking leverages Sanity for the core of its marketing technology stack

Mambu is the cloud platform for composable banking that’s built for change. They chose Sanity as their content platform so they could continuously build on a future-proof single source of truth and power their JAMstack based front-ends.
  • Landing page builder

  • Flexible content modeling

  • Powerful image capabilities

Create value. Get found.

Use our flexible schemas to design content that does right by your people. Shape our customizable editing environment into your own image to bring out the best stories and workflows from your writing team.

  • Custom workflows

  • Curate meta content anyway you like

  • Query, mix, and match for better indexing

  • Use modern hosts

Our traditional PHP stack was holding us back and required long development cycles.

With Sanity, CMS development tasks that used to take 2-3 weeks now take 2-3 days. Sanity also enabled advanced localization, A/B testing and SEO optimization across eight markets.

Test ideas at any level

You know your goals and audience best, that’s why we gave you the power to choose where and how to run tests. Our flexible schemas let you optimize your content at any combination of field, content block, or document level.

  • Test all the strings

  • Clone and vary page composition

  • Automate tests with code-driven multivariate strategies

Connects with the rest of your marketing stack

Sanity plays well with other API-based 3rd party tools and services. Embed our Google Analytics, and Yoast plugins in your Sanity Studio with a single command - or build your own dashboards widgets for our open source react app.

  • Integrate with other API-based datasets

  • DIY dashboard widgets

  • Official Yoast & Google Analytics plugins

I've made a dashboard for monitoring clients' sites performances through PageSpeed Insights' API to alert clients when they install heavy scripts on their pages.

Data stored in @sanity_io and periodic checks through @Netlify functions. Stream link:

Tweet published on: Feb 27, 2020, 5:12 PM

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