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Distribution Services

Structured content wherever you need it

The rise of modern hosting, serverless computing, chat-bots and voice assistants is bringing content diversity and improved experiences to millions of users.

Sanity’s powerful APIs make it possible to connect your content with the best of this new web. Create once, then distribute anywhere on global delivery services that scale with you.

  • Static + JAMstack hosts

  • Serverless content

  • Multichannel distribution


Easy content modelling for one of the internet’s largest CDNs

Cloudflare needed a fast showcase site for their new serverless product - Workers. They chose Sanity + Gatsby to align with their own reputation for speed and reliability.
  • Modular page layouts

  • Easy content modelling

  • Built-in optimizations

Static hosts + JAMstack frameworks

Use Sanity as a Headless CMS and serve structured content to best-in-class hosting platforms like Vercel, Netlify, and AWS Amplify.

Our content APIs play well with modern JAMstack frameworks and static site generators. We have starters for Gatsby, Next, Nuxt, Gridsome, Eleventy and Sapper.

Content for any channel

Distribute your content anywhere while managing it from a single location. You don’t have to restrict your content to HTML, or your reach to sites and apps. Make Rich Text a portable asset and deliver it to print, digital signage, voice assistants, chat bots, and more.

  • Single source of truth

  • Future-friendly Rich Text

  • Preview anything

Development that used to take 2-3 weeks, is now done in days. We are able to release marketing campaigns and improvements up to multiple times per day. Using Sanity’s structured content together with a focus on code pipelines and automated testing has been a key enabler for improving our content production and processes. On top of that, developer satisfaction has skyrocketed!

Serverless content

Integrate our APIs with serverless functions from the edge to provide fast, efficient, and scalable content experiences. Sanity data can be accessed and manipulated with all the serverless function providers including Netlify functions, Vercel Now, AWS Lambda, and Google Cloud.

  • Read and write to Sanity from the edge

  • Integrate with scalable cloud architectures

  • Pay-as-you-go computing stacks

Build beyond your expectations