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Annotate anything

Sanity treats your content as data, and data as content. There’s no HTML, just JSON from beginning to end. Add semantic metadata to any field, annotate any text or inline object, and access everything from an edge-cached global CDN.

  • Annotate and extract semantic metadata

  • Enrich images with metadata

  • Work with Portable Text


Endlessly configurable lights powered by APIs & microservices

Rich Brilliant Willing illuminate some of the world’s most prestigious interiors. With help from Sanity and Engine Digital they transformed their B2B E-commerce experience: empowering clients with the ability to configure products to their needs from over 75,000 combinations of fixture, finish, voltage, and color temperature.
  • User-generated products

  • Time-saving automations

  • Data preprocessing for faster build times

Truly flexible Rich Text

HTML is great, but not for storing Rich Text and business data. That’s why we built Portable Text: an open source JSON-based specification that lets you markup content in any way, for any application.

  • Annotate text with anything

  • Reference business data within spans

The Portable-Text feature

from @sanity_io is so incredible

powerful. It outplays so many other competitors because it integrates so well into the editing workflow that you never have to leave the edit-screen to create another piece of content

Tweet published on: May 7, 2020, 7:41 PM

I was absolutely blown away by my ability to structure content easily. The inline modules in the Portable Text really changed the game and elevated the experience, especially for the client.

Semantic metadata extraction

Store semantic metadata from large and diverse content collections. Mine and manipulate it through our flexible APIs for any use including machine learning.

  • Built for large datasets

  • Enrich content for machine learning apps

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