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Connect your content

Use API flows to extend the reach and life of your content without changing stacks.

Wrap Sanity around existing data sources to extend what you already have, or integrate it with other 3rd party APIs to improve workflows and reach new audiences.

  • Use business data to tell better stories

  • Connect to 3rd party services

  • Distribute content anywhere


Improving time to market for the largest Nordic sports retailer

A monolithic backend with an integrated web app was keeping XXL from iterating and improving on time to market. It also kept them from implementing auto-scaling during spikes – something that’s critical for large e-commerce sites. After integrating their SAP hybris commerce & PIM platform running on AWS with Sanity, XXL could move to modern web technologies that allow them to continuously improve on their digital offerings. XXL now deploys new code up to production multiple times per day and can auto-scale their website in 10 seconds.

Write with business data in place

We built a flexible approach to managing Rich Text so you can access core business data directly in your editing environment.

  • Future-friendly Rich Text

  • Annotate text spans with operational data

  • Extract semantic metadata from large collections

The Portable-Text feature

from @sanity_io is so incredible

powerful. It outplays so many other competitors because it integrates so well into the editing workflow that you never have to leave the edit-screen to create another piece of content

Tweet published on: May 7, 2020, 7:41 PM

Sanity has given us more freedom to choose tools, technologies and architectures that are optimal for our solution. It has been very liberating for our way of working and has freed up more time to focus on core customer value.

Distribute content anywhere

Your content flows across APIs, so there’s no limit to how and where it finds its audience. Structure your content as a single source of truth then distribute it to any channel including  web, print, business apps, and IoT devices.

Connect to 3rd party services

Connect your Sanity content to other API-based 3rd party services to improve workflow and reach new audiences.

  • Access 3rd party data where you edit

  • Build connections to Slack, Hubspot, & Marketo

Build beyond your expectations